What makes Abyssinia Special

Milestone of Ethiopia Civilization

WelcomeHome of the oldest fossil remains of mankind Dinkineshe (Lucy) 3.2 and Ardi 4.4 milion years old

WelcomeThe origin of the Axumite kingdom, one of the oldest civilization

WelcomeThe oldest continuously sovereign nation in the world

WelcomeThe land of pious and handsome people on earth according to Homer

WelcomeThe nation which gave 18 Pharaohs to Egypt

WelcomeThe origin of Human right

WelcomeSabacon,the Ethiopian pharaoh of Egypt one out of 18

WelcomeThe first home of Christianity as well as Islam

WelcomeThe citadel of gender equality which crowned Queen SHEBBA,as the first woman monarch in recorded history

WelcomeHome of the oldest language in the world GEEZ With its own Alphabet and Numeral

WelcomeHome of the oldest rock hewen church in the world l0cated in LALIBELLA

WelcomeThe origin of COFFEE beans

WelcomeThe protector of Muslim refuges sent by Prophet Mohammed

WelcomeRoot of Nile civilization

WelcomeHome of the first concept o0f GOD /Monotheism/

WelcomeBearer and keeper of the cross of CHRIST and ARK of COVENANT of MOSES

Welcomeone of the founding member of League of nation

WelcomeOne of the founder of Organization of Africa Unity which is now African Unity Head Quarter in Addis Abeba Ethiopia

WelcomeThe only nation who get a victory over the Colonizer powers specifically at Fascist Italians 1888By our Calendar 1896 G.C

WelcomeThe pride of Africa That the home of African resistance forces during colonization

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26 02 2008

u have done a good job don’t give up that is all I have got to say.

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