About me

I’m Getachew Mekonen from Abyssinia I’m 12 grade social science student
What makes me to do this is that some people of the world know some or nothing about Abyssinia that was shame for me. I want evrybody to know about Ethiopia /Abyssinia as I eager to know Countries of the world. The next step was what should I do I by my self personally wow! the best  way is the to do one web site and to let it be showen to do this I must read a lot of books and surf on internet I done this all I have read too many books about Abyssinia and surf on Internet and I have tried to organize that all in a good way and Finally I put them all in to this site which may help some people who want to know about Abyssinia
Note that this site is made not to gain any type of gain or something like that JUST because my LOVE,..LOVE, to Abyssinia

Thank you for visiting
Abyssinia Forever

One Big Strong United Abyssinia !

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